Learning and teaching

This section covers everything about your learning and teaching experience at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai, from teaching timetables to managing your studies.

For any Dubai campus queries, please contact the student success advisors Farah Basem and Shailin Sequeira by email on studentsuccessdubai@hw.ac.uk . Questions relating to your application or entry requirements should be sent to dubaienquiries@hw.ac.uk.

Teaching timetables

Teaching timetables show you the courses you’re studying, the day and time your course will be held, the classroom number and which professor is teaching this course. It also clarifies whether the class is a lecture, tutorial or a laboratory session.

For up-to-date information, refer to the Dubai section on the Teaching Timetables page.

Examinations and assessments

Refer to our Examinations and Assessments page for the latest updates on current and upcoming examinations.


Through the Graduation page, you can receive the latest updates on our graduation policies and news as well as learn about graduating in absentia or getting your documents legalised.

For Dubai-specific graduation information, refer to the Dubai Graduation page.

Learning and teaching policies

For our university-wide learning and teaching policies, visit our Learning and Teaching Policies page


GoGlobal is Heriot-Watt’s inter-campus transfer programme for students who are interested in continuing their studies in one of our Edinburgh campuses or our Malaysia campus.

Learn more about the GoGlobal programme via our GoGlobal page. For more information, contact Dubai Student Services Centre at student-services-dubai@hw.ac.uk.

Complaints and appeals

Our aim at Heriot-Watt is to ensure that your experience while studying with us is of the highest quality. However, we recognise that during your time at the University there may be circumstances that occur where you feel you need to make a complaint or to appeal a decision.

For more information visit our Complaints and Appeals page.

Student conduct

Students are required at all times to behave in accordance with the University's Ordinances, Regulations, policies, procedures and rules. In addition, students at the Dubai Campus must abide by the Student Code of Conduct, which applies to all students enrolled at Heriot-Watt University Dubai.
Read more about the University's student discipline policies and procedures.