Athena Swan Team

Details of the overall organisation of Athena Swan at Heriot-Watt are available below.

Local teams

Each School has a local Athena Swan Team (often called the Self-Assessment Team) and Athena Swan leads. Further information about the teams can be found on their local Athena Swan pages. 

Athena Swan Advisory Group

The Athena Swan Advisory Group (ASAG) acts as an advisory body, allowing stakeholder engagement and consultation. Chaired by Professor Beatrice Pelloni, the group is made up of University stakeholder representatives with senior representation from across career paths, disciplines and different lived experiences.

The Terms of Reference outline how the Advisory Group contributes to our Athena Swan ambitions.

Athena Swan Programme Management Board

The Athena Swan Programme Management Board (ASPMB) oversees delivery of the Institutional and School Athena Swan action plans. The ASPMB is a sub-committee of the Global Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (GEDI), and is chaired by Professor Mark Biggs, the University Athena Swan Lead. 

Membership of ASPMB

  • Professor Mark Biggs, Vice Principal & Provost (Programme Sponsor and Chair) 
  • [TBC], Athena Swan Officer (Programme Business Lead and Programme Manager) 
  • Richard Claughton, Global Director of HR (Workstream Lead - University) 
  • Sharan Virdee, Equality and Diversity Partner, EDI Office 
  • Kirsty Scanlan & Angela Herkes (Workstream Leads - Data strategy development and implementation) 
  • [TBC], Director of Communications (Workstream Lead - Communications strategy development and implementation) 
  • Dr Babette Hoogakker (Workstream Leads - School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society) 
  • Professor Patrik Ohberg & Professor Heli Johnston (Workstream Leads - School of Engineering and Physical Sciences) 
  • Professor Andrew Ireland & Dr Audrey Repetti (Workstream Leads - School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences) 
  • Dr Monica Tamariz (Workstream Leads - School of Social Sciences) 
  • Dr Danmei Sun & Dr David Cavallaro (Workstream Leads - School of Textiles and Design) 
  • Professor Beatrice Pelloni, Advisory Group Chair 
  • [TBC], Advisory Group Student representative 

The Terms of Reference outline how the Programme Management Board contributes to our Athena Swan ambitions.

Key information

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion