Athena SWAN

EGIS Athena Swan team members

EGIS has held BRONZE Athena SWAN accreditation since 2016 and is implementing the measures that are its action plan to progress gender equality among students and staff in the School. The local body that oversees the implementation of the action plan is the Self-Assessment Team (SAT). It regularly reports to the School's Senior Executive Team on progress in implementing the action plan.

The current membership of the SAT is as follows:

  • Karen A Alexander, Assistant Professor, ILES
  • Jacqueline Baird, Senior Admin Assistant, EGIS
  • Caroline Brown, Head of Operations, EGIS
  • Ahmed El Sheikh, Professor, IGE
  • Gimhan Godawatte, Assistant Professor, ISBE
  • Sacha Hasan, Assistant Professor, TUI
  • Babette Hoogakker SAT Co-Chair, Professor, Lyell
  • Craig Kennedy, Associate Professor, IBE
  • Uisdean Nicholson, Associate Professor, IGE
  • Raffaella Ocone, Professor, IGE
  • Emma Samson, Senior Technician, Lyell
  • Melis Sutman (SAT Co-Chair) Assistant Professor, ISBE
  • Inna Yaneva-Toraman, Research Associate, Lyell

Key information

Dr Melis Sutman

Job title
Assistant Professor

Dr Babette Hoogakker

Job title
Associate Professor