Quality Assurance Briefing Papers

As part of a wider plan to improve communication and dissemination of quality assurance policies and procedures, a series of briefing papers has been introduced.  The briefing papers aim to summarise on one page the key features of policies and, where appropriate, associated procedures.

  1. Annual Monitoring and Review
  2. Periodic Review: Academic Review
  3. Periodic Review: Internal Audit
  4. Chief External Examiner
  5. Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
  6. HE Qualifications in UK, Ireland and Europe
  7. Moderation of Assessment
  8. Examinations and other assessment held around the world in different time-zones
  9. Code of Practice for the Management of Multi-Location, Multi-Mode Programmes
  10. MQA Full Accreditation
  11. Monitoring and Review
  12. Academic Approval Process
  13. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Changes to Programme/Course
  14. Enhancement Workshop (Academic Review)
  15. Approval process for Approved Teachers, Tutors, Markers and Demonstrators 
  16. Paper removed - no longer applicable. Please read paper 2 for review information
  17. Academic Partnerships Approval Process
  18. KHDA New Programme Registration
  19. University Partnership Framework
  20. MQA Provisional Accreditation

Key information

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