Studies Committee

The purpose of the studies committee is to be responsible for (as delegated by the Senate and the University Committee for Quality and Standards) considering and approving the academic conditions associated with establishing, modifying, or withdrawing of undergraduate and postgraduate taught credit-bearing courses, programmes and disciplines. The studies committee has a fundamental role in assuring the academic standards of the University‚Äôs undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes of study.

Further information on the committee is provided in its:

Meeting dates

Meeting dates for the studies committee are set at least one year in advance and can be found in the 'related documents' section below.

Agendas and minutes

The agendas and minutes of the studies committee, from the current and previous academic years, can be obtained from the committee clerk (details below).

Chair of the Committee: Dr Yvonne McLaren, Dean (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), School of Social Sciences

Clerk of the Committee: Katrina Wallace, Quality Assurance Assistant Manager, Academic Quality

Key information

Katrina Wallace

Job title
Quality Assurance Assistant Manager
+44 131 451 4575