Sanchez, Hugo

Project Title

The Role of Mutual Solvents in Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatments


Scale is a set of deposits that adhere to the perforations, the casing and production pipes, valves, pumps and other surface facilities in such a way that they obstruct and impede the normal flow of fluids; these can be deposited along the entire trajectory that is followed, from the deposit to the surface.

A general aim is to improve well flow conditions through the implementation of technologies that allow scale inhibition, to reduce the problem of deferred oil and gas production by replacement of pipes, trees and accessories; improve the flow behaviour of the reservoir-well-surface system and investigate the conditions that allow for an increase oil and gas production.

The primary method for delivering scale inhibitors below the packer is by squeeze treatments. The first stage of a squeeze treatment involves a preflush, usually containing a mutual solvent that prepares the surface of the rock and enables retention of SI.


Prof. Eric Mackay