Adrian Todd Golden Key Student Fund

The Adrian Todd Golden Key Student Fund was set up on the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering's 40th Anniversary in 2016. This marker coincided with Prof Todd's retirement from IGE where he had served since its inception.


Full-time MSc and PhD students who are currently enrolled on IGE courses at one our Edinburgh, Dubai or Malaysia campuses are eligible to apply.

How to apply

Applicants should complete the Adrian Todd Golden Key Student Fund application form and return it to Prof Patrick Corbett at The closing date for the next round of awards will be March 31st 2023.


For further information contact Prof Patrick Corbett.


The small number of awards in any year will vary according to the funds available and the value of awards is set at a maximum value of £1500. A small group of IGE Staff and Alumni, with HWU Alumni and Development, will evaluate the submissions. A review of past winners will show that students are only awarded a single grant, usually towards the end of their studies when presentation of work externally is encouraged. The fund has traditionally supported the SPE Petrobowl Team.

A committee of IGE Alumni, IGE staff, HWU Alumni and Development, past SPE Student President will evaluate the submissions. Applicants might be called upon to give a short presentation prior to the final decision.

Past awards


2021 awards
Name Student Status Award Reason
Lavinia Stancampiano PhD £123 Travel to Conference
Mehrani Vasheghani Farahani PhD £172 Travel to Conference
Mohammad Salehian PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Tom Phillips PhD £600 Experimental Data
Total £1,495.19


2019 awards
Name Student Status Award Reason
Petrobowl 2019 Team MSc £500 Travel to SPE Petrobowl Europe
Alejandro Jaramillo Ruales PhD £500 Student grant
Amirsaman Rezaeyan PhD £600 Student grant
Bashir Ali Abdussalam Alkhazmi PhD £200 Student grant
Mohammad Madankan PhD £300 Student grant
Xiang Shi PhD £500 Student grant
Total £2,600


2018 awards
Name Student Status Award Reason
Khosro Jarrahian PhD £800 Travel to Conference
Ngyuen Thi Kim Phung PhD £770 Travel to Conference
Petrobowl 2018 Team MSc £400 SPE Petrobowl Europe
Petrobowl 2018 Team MSc £1000 SPE Petrobowl World, Dallas
Total £2,970


2017 awards
Name Student Status Award Reason
Zharas Shorabek PhD £230 PetroBowl Europe
Aliakbar Hassanpouryouzband PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Zainab Al-Haboobi PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Ming Yi Wong PhD £160 PetroBowl Europe
Mark Lakos MSc £50 PetroBowl Europe
Hydra Rodrigues PhD £110 PetroBowl Europe
Shokoufeh Aghabozorgi PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Behzad Nezhad Karim Nobakht PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Ehsan Nikjoo PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Muzammil Hussain Rammay PhD £225.00 PetroBowl Europe
Ilaria Soriano PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Masoud Ghaderi Zepreh PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Saideep Pavuluri PhD £600 Travel to Conference
Petrobowl Team PhD/MSc £2,500 PetroBowl World
Total £8,075


2016 awards
Name Student Status Award Reason
Giulia Verri PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Amir Jahanbakhsh PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Edris Joonaki PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Shereef Bankole PhD £1000 Research Samples
Junko Hutahaen PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Pezhman Ahmadi PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Christian Onwunyili PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Morteza Aminnaji PhD £750 Travel to Conference
Total £6,250

Key information

Patrick Corbett

Job title
Emeritus Professor

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