Raeisdana, Ali

Project Title

The application and development of 4D inversion methods on North Sea data


The interpretation and analysis of 4D seismic data for monitoring hydrocarbon and CO2 reservoirs is one of the most exciting and active subjects of research in the energy industry. In this subject, we are concerned about an accurate understanding of changes in the subsurface state from geo-energy activity. This is a very challenging multi-disciplinary objective which can add considerable value to the asset. A key technique that delivers sought after quantitative information to this process is 4D inversion, which in its broadest sense allows us to estimate changes in elastic properties, and hence changes in the dynamic properties such as strain, stress, pressure and saturation, directly from 4D seismic volumes. Whilst successes have been reported, the techniques to implement this approach still remain technically underdeveloped, and more focus on application to data is required.


Prof. Colin MacBeth
Dr Romain Chassagne


University email: ar2091@hw.ac.uk