Okoro, Franklin

Project Title

Phase Behaviour of CCS Fluid Systems


CO2 originating from capture processes is generally not pure and can contain impurities such as N2, H2, CO, water, SO2, NO2, Ar. The presence of these impurities leads to challenging engineering, flow assurance issues, and significant increase in processing costs. The presence of water may result in gas hydrate formation. The main objective of this project is to study phase behaviour of CCS fluid systems as well as their impact on gas processing units (amines, dehydration), reservoirs and formation waters. The work programme is an integrated experimental and modelling study focusing on the phase behaviour: Vapour liquid equilibria, solubility in saline water. Fundamental to the project is the generation of high‐quality experimental measurements to tune and validate phase and flow behaviour models. Two main results are expected: the production of new experimental data and the development of original models.


Prof. Antonin Chapoy
Dr Rod Burgass
Dr Pezhman Ahmadi