Luqman bin Sazali, Wan Muhammad

Project Title

Characterization of porosity and permeability in reservoir seals using an experimental and upscaled modelling approach


In CO2 Storage, caprock integrity study and assessment of potential leakage are important to ensure permanent storage. Besides geomechanics issues, other leakage mechanism like capillary and diffusivity are highly dependent on the rock’s porosity and permeability. However, coring operation are rarely done at caprock. As a result, there is not enough core data to establish poro-perm relationship, which can be used to improve the caprock integrity model. The objective of the study is to study the porosity and permeability of the drill cuttings as an alternative for the uncored section of the caprock. Once the poro-perm values from drill cuttings can be matched with poro-perm values from the preserved core data at the same depths, the method of the measurements can be applied to the drill cuttings at depths without the core data. With enough data, poro-perm relationship at cap rock can be established.


Professor Andreas Busch
Dr Jim Buckman