Kayode, Babatope

Project Title

Integrated Data Visualization and Analytics for Assisted History Matching


Current modelling practice requires the construction of a static model using core and log data, and subsequent history-matching of this static model to obtain a dynamic model. Creating a dynamic model sometimes require making minor to major modifications to the original static model, and the resulting dynamic model is non-unique.

My research work is seeking to eliminate the static-to-dynamic modelling sequence, by creating at once, a Pre-Conditioned Reservoir Model (PCRM) into which features and frameworks learnt from static and dynamic data have been incorporated. This approach is expected to reduce the non-uniqueness problem that is associated with history-matching, and re-energize research in the area of deterministic history-matching.

The new methodology requires some advanced data visualization and analytics, which are not available in existing industry tools. I am currently working on developing this new methodology and its associated tools.


Dr Karl Stephen


Email: bok1@hw.ac.uk