Gonzalez, Paula

Project Title

Advancing Knowledge on Subsurface Fugitive Gas Migration Associated with Geoenergy Activities


Fugitive Gas Migration (FGM) refers to the natural gas, associated to geoenergy activities, prone to accidentally leak into the subsurface where it can migrate either inside the wellbore or along the critical zone through preferential pathways, displacing according to the physical characteristics of the geologic profile. Consequences could be multiple depending on the fate and nature of the gas.

A strong link has been noticed between FGM and integrity failure of energy-wells. It’s uncertain the current number of wells facing it, while there’s an increasing number of data showing the occurrence of this phenomena along the different well stages.

This research aims to implement field and modelling studies along with laboratory-scale methods to better understand the processes governing FGM flow parameters in the subsurface. Results will impact in future operations of gas storage sites and current operations of energy wells while contributing with data for future FGM research.


Dr Aaron Cahill & Prof. Andreas Busch