Thesis submission

Before submitting your thesis to the Student Service Centre, you must follow the correct procedures which are contained in the following documents. Please note that the Student Service Centre will be unable to accept your thesis if the correct procedures, relating to the submission and format of your thesis, have not been followed.

When the Student Service Centre has accepted your temporary bound thesis, it will then be sent to your approved Internal Examiner and External Examiner(s). You will be informed of your viva date by your School. After the viva takes place the Internal Examiner and External Examiner(s) send their reports to your School's Postgraduate Research Office. These reports then go to the Research Degrees Committee and the Examiners' decision is considered for approval. Once your award is approved, you will be contacted by Academic Registry directly, to make arrangements for the upcoming Graduation.

Guidance on the presentation and submission of your thesis

You will find a step by step guide and in preparation for submitting both your initial and the final thesis:

Preparing to submit the Initial Thesis
1. Appointment of Examiners and Approval of Thesis Titles (Minimum 4-6 weeks in advance of intended submission) Submission of Thesis Title and Recommendation for Appointment of Examiners Form (to be completed by the Primary Supervisor only)
2. Guidelines on Thesis Format Guidelines on the Submission and Format of Thesis
3. Initial Thesis Submission to the Student Service Centre online through: 
Thesis Submission page 
1. Research Thesis Submission (this must be bound into each copy of the thesis)
2. Submission of Thesis Declaration form by Supervisor
4. Viva takes place between 4-6 weeks after initial thesis submission Student receives a list of corrections by the internal examiner and prepares for final submission by the deadline
Preparing to submit the Final Thesis
1. Final Thesis Submission  Research Thesis Submission (this must be included within the thesis)
2. Include signed off Internal Examiner Declaration Form Internal Examiners Declaration Form
3. Include E-thesis Submission Form E-thesis submission form 
4. Email final thesis to the SSC

Resubmissions: If you have been asked to resubmit your thesis, please follow the same process for 'Preparing to Submit the Initial Thesis'. If you have any enquiries, please contact your School PGR Office, for assistance. 

Other useful documents:

Deadline dates for thesis submission
Action Deadline
For Winter 2021 Degree Congregations Wednesday 6 October 2021, (For Research Degrees Committee on 20 October 2021)
For Summer 2022 Degree Congregations Wednesday 4 May 2022, (For Research Degrees Committee on 18 May 2022)

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