Rodrigues, Elisabete

Project Title: 

Optimisation of essential habitat in sustainable fishery management


Inshore fishing is often overlooked in comparison with the high first-sale value of offshore fishery output, but is of disproportionate value in terms of supporting fragile coastal communities and their way of life, providing employment not just to fishers but also to processing, retail and hospitality sectors and having a high profile in relation to regional identity and branding. This project examines the three-way relationships between habitat, fishing activities and management, aiming to provide understanding and tools to allow managers to optimise the value and sustainability of ecosystem services provided through fishery productivity.  The project focuses on creel fisheries for crustaceans and whelks as case study exemplars in Orkney, Dornoch Firth and North Berwickshire (St Abbs), building on existing science in support of sustainability that is provided by the academic partners in these three locations.


Dr Michael Bell
Dr William Sanderson