Morris, Kate

Project Title

Understanding how fisheries release carbon and how successful fisheries management can help reduce carbon emissions, increase carbon stores and protect marine biodiversity


The world’s fishing fleets interact with carbon cycles in three ways, through emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, by the removal of carbon in the form of seafood product biomass and by the impacts that bottom fishing gears have on marine habitats. With an increasing drive for industrial sectors to reach carbon neutrality and reduced environmental impacts, research on the topic of carbon emissions and cycling in fisheries is sparse compared to many terrestrial industries. This provides an opportunity for important research to be undertaken to build a comprehensive, robust knowledge base on the three ways fisheries interact with global carbon cycles. This PhD will inform future fisheries management decisions for fish stocks and protection of biodiversity, whilst reducing the carbon-associated impacts of fishing. The work undertaken will also provide guidance for technological innovations and encourage environmentally beneficial behaviour changes that will inform sourcing policies in seafood supply chains.


Dr Andrew Johnson
Dr Jo Porter