Mertesdorf, Melanie

Project Title

High-sulphur source rock systems – expanding the potential of unconventional resources


Sulphur- and organic-rich deposits are becoming increasingly relevant as energy production from unconventional resources is rising globally. The phase association of sulphur is critical for the kinetic and conversion behaviour of organic matter in source rocks, with profound effects all the way from oil quality in reservoirs to production and final refining of crude, including risk assessment (e.g. H2S).

This project aims to improve our understanding of the conditions during and after deposition of different source rocks, their internal variability, and the effects these have on the phase association of sulphur up to the present day. All major sulphur phases will be characterised by the application of advanced (bulk and molecular) organic and inorganic techniques, including sulphur isotopes, bulk and molecular composition of organo-sulphur compounds, and advanced imaging.


Professor Thomas Wagner and Dr Ryan Pereira