Funk, Lara

Project Title

Examining social responsibility tools and worker wellbeing in global seafood supply


Social responsibility is a relatively recent focus for the global seafood industry, which has been focused on environmental responsibility for decades. Increased visibility of human rights abuses within the global seafood supply chain has led to the seafood industry adopting a variety of assurance tools (e.g. third-party certifications, risk assessment tools) to ensure that their supply chains are free from such abuses. However, there is a lack of clarity on how these tools are driving change along the supply chain and whether they are, in fact, improving worker welfare. By critically analysing the various tools for social responsibility and the way in which these are driving change, this research will provide a much-needed analysis to aid the industry in making informed social responsibility decisions to improve seafood worker wellbeing.

Project funded by: Tesco, Hilton Seafoods plc, Global Seafood Assurances, Sustainable Fisheries and Communities Trust, and Marks & Spencer.


Dr. Ingrid Kelling