DaCosta, Valentina

Project Title

Mainstreaming marine biodiversity into coastal and marine governance for sustainable development in the Southeast Pacific


My research will assess the implications of international obligations and commitments for large infrastructure developments and other economic activities that overlap or can pose threats to ecologically important areas and associated livelihoods of coastal areas of the pacific coast of South America. For this purpose, the role of area-based management tools (e.g., marine protected areas and other effective area-based conservation measures) in biodiversity mainstreaming for sustainable development will be assessed. In addition to assessing gaps and means to improve national legislation of select South American coastal states with a focus on the Pacific coast vis-à-vis international frameworks, the research will also assess the role of regional organisations (e.g., regional seas organisations and regional fisheries management organisations) and identify opportunities for increased regional policy coherence for sustainable development. Select countries include Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, as well as areas beyond national jurisdiction of the Southeast Pacific.


Dr Daniela Diz
Dr Thomas Wagner