D’Alessandro, Simone

Project Title

Understanding connectivity of scallop populations in the Scottish waters and the NE England


Scallops represent an important commercial fishery around British waters, but there are still knowledge and evidence gaps regarding their population structure. Understanding the connectivity between different scallop beds is important to ensure sustainable management and to avoid over-exploitation and potential collapse of scallop populations.

The aim of the project is to determine the connectivity of scallop grounds in Scottish waters and the NE England, and it is divided into four distinct components:

1. Identification of distinct grounds using existing environmental data layers, VMS data, and industry knowledge.

2. Collection of genetic material and isotopic signatures to investigate the parental and geographic origin.

3. Use of particle tracking modelling to determine connectivity among grounds under different temperature scenarios.

4. Use of modelling approaches to determine critical scallop beds in the meta-population structure.

The results of this combination of methods will inform appropriate approaches for management at the appropriate spatial scale.


Dr Michel Kaiser
Dr Joanne Porter
Dr Babette Hoogakker
Dr Rob Ogden (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Douglas Speirs (University of Strathclyde)