Cubbon, Katie

Project Title:

The coexistence of aquaculture and inshore fisheries in Orkney: An ecotoxicological approach to establish potential contamination pathways in commercially important crustacean species


Inshore crustacean fisheries and salmon aquaculture are two integral industries in the Orkney islands, each contributing substantially to both the local economy and employment. This project is a continuation of the 2018 MSc project ‘Does the cultivation of Atlantic salmon in the Orkney islands impact commercially important crustacean species’ building on existing data on the distribution and occurrence of black spot shell disease and claw deformities in Necora puber.

This work aims to:

  • Determine the biological and environmental pathways of aquaculture therapeutants/other legacy contaminants in relation to commercially important crustacean species
  • Investigate potential association between observed pathologies and legacy contaminant
  • Explore how planning and management can be used to interrupt critical links in these pathways

The outcomes of this project will provide evidence to dismiss or corroborate concerns from local fishermen and inform stakeholders and policy makers with the overall aim of reducing conflict between the two sectors.


Dr Michael Bell
Dr Alastair Lyndon
Dr Angela Capper
Dr Kenneth Boyd


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