Ahrens, Florian

Project Title

Exploring Personal Transport Transition to net zero using game-style techno-economic modelling interfaces


The PhD project is the exploration of the personal transport transition to net zero in the case of Orkney, Scotland, as part of the Island Centre for Net Zero. The over-all complex research question is “How do we manage an 80 % downshift in fossil fuel use for personal transport?”.

This means not only switching to electric powertrains in cars and busses but to get to the point where we enable daily lives to be accomplished with active transport modes or publicly shared transportation. This point can only be reached if we strive to understand how personal transport is organised around daily life and the build environment.

Therefore, I aim to develop a transition scenario in which people regain the capacity to have a choice for active transport through game-style scenario exploration. Alongside exploration the goal is to generate benefit for the people from the final scenario, both economically and socially.


Prof. Susan Krumdieck
Prof. Edward Owens