Travel arrangements and arrival


Dubai Campus students travelling to the UK or Malaysia on a Go Global campus transfer will need to obtain a visa before travel.

Visa requirements for the UK

Most Go Global inter-campus transfer students will require either a student route visa or a short-term study visa (for single-semester transfers).

The first stage of applying for a student route visa is to complete the student route CAS evidence request form and to submit this to the Global Student Office at

Please note: you should not submit the form until after you have received your progression decision and a notification that your inter-campus transfer can proceed. This will normally be by early July.

Please read our information on Visas and immigration and Living in the UK. If you have any queries about visas, immigration or life in the UK, please contact the Student information desk or on +44 131 451 4015.

Visa requirements for Malaysia

Students going to Malaysia on a Go Global campus transfer will need to obtain a Student Visa before they travel.

The Global Student Office (GSO) have produced an inter-campus transfer visa checklist for students transferring to Malaysia. Appendices referred to in the document are listed below:

Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) also has a very handy photo checker online. Students can use this software to verify if their passport photo is acceptable for a visa application.


Student accommodation is available at our Dubai and Malaysia campuses.

UK campuses accommodation

Edinburgh Campus

On-campus student accommodation may be available. We cannot guarantee an offer of on-campus accommodation so please contact the Edinburgh campus On-campus Accommodation Officer at or on +44 131 451 3385.  The Accommodation Office also provides advice and support for accessing off-campus private accommodation.

Scottish Borders Campus (Textiles and Design students)

On-campus student accommodation is available. If you have any questions, please contact the Scottish Borders Accommodation Office on or on +44 1896 892273

Malaysia Campus accommodation

Off-campus student accommodation options are provided in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya, which is about 10-15 minute drive from the Malaysia campus. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia directly manages its student accommodation at Kanvas SOHO while working closely with Ikhasas Group, a third party accommodation provider which manages additional accommodation options at Shaftsbury RYO Putrajaya and Shaftsbury Stellar Cyberjaya for its students.

Find out more about our accommodation at Malaysia Campus. Inter-campus transfer students in Malaysia have posted a blog about living in Cyberjaya.

If you have any questions about accommodation, please contact the student accommodation unit at

Tuition fees

The fees you pay depend on your fee status (Scottish, Rest of UK or International) and whether you are applying for a first or a second year abroad.

UK campuses tuition fees

Dubai campus students transferring to a UK campus pay the international fee minus a 20% discount.

Banking and budgeting

Read our guidance for opening a UK bank account and managing your finances while in the UK.

Malaysia Campus fees

Home students studying at our UK campuses and transferring to Malaysia should apply to their relevant funding body. Rest of UK (RUK) students should apply to Student Finance as normal but will normally only be charged 50% of the annual fee

EU students who are eligible to have the tuition fees paid by SAAS, should apply as normal. EU students who normally pay the Overseas fee to the UK Campus will be liable to pay fees to the Malaysia Campus instead

Overseas students studying at one of our UK campuses pay the international students' fee to the Malaysia campus

Academic timetable

The academic calendar lists semester dates, examinations and other key dates throughout the year.

Cultural differences and travel

Visitors to the UK

The Global Student Office is based in the Student Service Centre at the Edinburgh campus. The GSO provides advice and assistance to international students based at our UK campuses.

Starting at the UK campuses

Find out about what will happen during your few first weeks at the UK campuses, including induction and enrolment. There are also new A-Z Student Guide for Edinburgh and Scottish Borders with information about the campus such as student services.

Exploring Scotland

Skyscanner has an article on ‘10 beautiful places to visit in Edinburgh’. TripAdvisor also has an overview of Edinburgh and a Scotland Guide

Visitors to Malaysia

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides foreign travel advice for Malaysia. This includes information on local laws and customs. The FCO also provides advice for LGBT travellers.

The Global Student Office produce an International Student Guide with pre-arrival Information about visas, vaccinations, healthcare, what to pack, living costs, bank accounts and local customs and practice regarding clothing.

Exploring Malaysia

TripAdvisor has an overview of the country and a Malaysia Guide.