Academic Audits

Academic Audit (previously termed 'Internal Audit') is an additional scrutiny process for high and medium risk programmes and activities which require a higher level of scrutiny to ensure that all operational matters are being appropriately undertaken.  Such activities are still subject to other quality assurance processes; further details can be found on the University's Quality Assurance web page.

Academic Audits typically focuses on activities with all partnerships (including industrial placement and exchange arrangements), independent distance learning provision and the management of assessment/examinations across different locations and modes of study.  The process, which is undertaken over a three-year cycle, ensures that the School infrastructure is sufficient to support the range of activities and that the partnerships and any risks are being properly managed.

The outcomes of Academic Audits are reported annually to the Scottish Funding Council and the Quality Assurance Agency.

Full details of the Academic Audit process, are provided within the following

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