Academic Reviews

Review schedule and guidance

Academic Review is one of the University’s processes for assuring and enhancing the quality and standard of its academic programmes.

The Academic Review process follows guidelines set by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), and outcomes of the reviews are reported to these bodies on an annual basis.

Full details of the Academic Review process are noted below:

Completion of the Review and reports produced

Following the completion of Academic Reviews, the Review Team completes a report, which will normally include a number of recommendations for action; the School will then produce an action plan to address those recommendations.  The report and action plan are approved by the University Committee for Quality and Standards and submitted for information to the Senate and University Executive.

One year after the review, the School will submit a progress report which will be considered and approved by the University Committee for Quality and Standards.  The Committee will then inform the Senate that the review process is complete.

Colleagues at Heriot Watt University can view the most recent review reports, School action plans and progress reports on our Academic Review reports SharePoint page

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