Applied and Computational Mathematics

What we do

Research activities in our group cover a wide range of topics, many related to: 

  • Partial and ordinary differential equations 
  • Stochastic differential equations 
  • Dynamical systems 
  • Continuum mechanics 
  • Statistical mechanics 
  • Machine learning 

Our research includes mathematical analysis, modelling, and the development and analysis of new numerical methods. 

  • A wide range of applications includes: 
  • complex multiphase flow in porous media and reservoirs 
  • electromagnetism 
  • magnetohydrodynamics 
  • meteorology 
  • finance 
  • neuroscience 
  • population and disease dynamics 
  • geophysical systems 
  • combustion 
  • phase transitions and free-boundary problems 
  • and more general industrial and social modelling 

We have expertise in the full range of numerical techniques with research in: 

  • numerical linear algebra 
  • the discretization of elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) 
  • time dependent PDEs and stochastically forced PDEs 
  • ordinary differential equations (ODEs) and stochastically forced ODEs 
  • integral equations. 
  • Finite and boundary element methods 

We co-organise a regular and very active research seminar on Applied and Computational Mathematics with the University of Edinburgh School and Mathematics under the umbrella of the Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The group is closely associated and involved with the running of two EPSRC centres of doctoral training: MAC-MIGS CDT and the earlier MIGSAA CDT. 

We have close links with other groups in the School: 

Group Members

J. Ball,  L. Banjai, D. Bourne, J. BraunC. Cummins, D. Duncan, C. Eilbeck, E. GeorgoulisAbdul-Lateef Haji-Ali, S. KlusA. Lacey,  S. Loisel, S. Malham, L. PareschiM. Pereyra, A. Repetti, L. Scardia