Mathematical Physics

What we do

Research interests in our group are varied and span a wide range of topics in modern mathematics and physics. Our main areas of research are:

  • asymmetric exclusion process (ASEP) and zero-range processes
  • classical and quantum integrable systems
  • conformal field theory
  • equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics including spin models
  • instantons and monopoles
  • low-dimensional quantum gravity
  • noncommutative field theory
  • solitons
  • solvable lattice models
  • string theory and M-theory
  • supersymmetric gauge theories
  • topological quantum field theories

Our work makes use of and develops various topics from pure mathematics such as:

  • differential, complex, algebraic
  • higher algebraic and geometric structures
  • K-theory
  • noncommutative and geometry
  • quantum groups
  • topology

Group Members