Mathematical Biology & Ecology

What we do

Our research in mathematical biology involves the application of modelling techniques to a diverse set of biological areas, including:

  • cell biology
  • neuroscience
  • medicine
  • ecology
  • evolution
  • climate change

A large component of our work is focussed on specific applications and is undertaken in collaboration with experimental biologists and field ecologists. Other work is more theoretical in nature, developing fundamental modelling techniques with potential applications to a wide range of biological problems. Our research utilises a wide range of modelling techniques, from discrete models such as cellular automata and agent-based to ordinary, partial, stochastic and integro differential equations.

We hold regular seminars jointly with the Computational Mathematics group. The majority of our research is conducted in collaboration with colleagues based locally, nationally and internationally.

Group Members

D. Clancy, T. Johnson, K. Painter, M. Ptashnyk, J. Sherratt, A. White