Analysis & PDEs

What we do

Our group works on a wide range of topics. Our particular strengths lie in:

  • harmonic analysis
  • spectral theory
  • partial differential equations
  • dynamical systems
  • applications of the above to problems of physics, continuum mechanics, etc.

We have active links with other research groups such as:

  • Applied & Computational Mathematics
  • Algebra, Geometry & Topology
  • Probability & Statistics

We run an active research seminar series.

Group Members

J. BallL. Boulton, D. Bourne, D. Breit, D. Coutand, H. Gimberlein, R. Knops, A. Lacey, S. Malham, M. Ottobre, B. Pelloni, O. Pocovnicu, M. Ptashnyk, B. Rynne, L Scardia