Sheth, Jil

Project Title

A critical analysis of policy transfer and implementation in India Through the perspective of Land use planning


The study aims to assess the extent and nature of policy transfer in land use planning policy in India. It will cover policy diffusion, policy transfer, lesson drawings, fast-policy transfer mechanisms along with policy translation and mobility in Indian context highlighting implementation of the policy transfer mechanisms and its extent in the country.

India houses about one sixth of global population and has recently been developing very rapidly. In order to have better more informed decisions, cross national experience can have a potentially very powerful impact by knowledge sharing and lesson learnings, resulting in exchange of ideas. The scale and rate at which India is developing is huge and rapid, thus needing rapid solutions to development as well.

Minuscule number of studies relating to implementation and impacts of planning policy transfers in developing countries lead to a need to fill research gap.

While there have been attempts in recent years to fill in the gap with a few studies based on policy transfer on developing countries, these studies are still mostly focussed on “coercive” or “ externally driven “ policy transfer (Lhawang Ugyel & Carsten Daugbjerg ,2015) .These studies are often focussed upon ‘western ideas’ and thus aren’t often replicable or context appropriate. There is need to study more closely the implementation of planning policy transfer mechanisms for developing nations.


Professor John Paul McCarthy
Dr. Christopher McWilliams