Lavia, Lisa


Soundscape, engagement and planning practices within airport expansion projects in the UK


Soundscape management in the built environment is the study of how people respond to the sound of a place which either currently exists, is being imagined, or once it is developed. Soundscape practice advocates that stakeholders become co-specifiers/designers of projects. However, the main challenge to assessing/predicting stakeholders’ responses are subjective human factors, acknowledged to account for at least 33% of variance. Specifically, stakeholders’ subjective ’perceived control’ (PC) has been identified as directly impacting the effectiveness of certain engagement processes. PC affects human wellbeing making it a critical element to be accounted for in sustainable development. This study investigates stakeholders’ perceived control and its impact on engagement in the context of planning processes for airport expansion projects in the UK. This research builds upon existing soundscape, aviation, and noise and health findings to develop a conceptual framework for stakeholder engagement for sustainable and health promoting soundscape design and planning.


Dr Sarah Payne
Dr Caroline Brown