Criminal offences

The University has a duty of care to its staff and students and therefore needs to be informed of any alleged criminal activity by its students. If at any time during enrolment on a programme of study of the University you are arrested by the police and charged with a criminal offence, you are required to report this immediately to the Academic Registrar. If you are sent to trial, the University must also be kept informed at all stages either by you or your solicitor. If you are convicted* then this must also be reported along with details of any sentence imposed.

*A conviction includes being put on probation, being given absolute or conditional discharge, being bound over, or being given a formal caution. Students need not declare parking or speeding offences which are subject to fixed penalties.


To declare an arrest, a charge, a formal caution, or a criminal record to the Academic Registrar, please complete and return the following form:

Notification of being charged with a criminal offence or acquiring a criminal record whilst enrolled on a programme of study