Prizes and medals

The University issues up to 300 prizes and medals in each academic session. Many of these are awarded by individual schools to both undergraduate and postgraduate students based on a selection of key criteria. If you would like to enquire about any of these prizes and medals, please contact your school office.

The Registry and Academic Support is responsible for the following University-wide prizes and medals.

The MacFarlane Prize

The MacFarlane Prize is open to graduating PhD students who have made the most outstanding contribution to research in the University during the academic session. Only one nomination may be made by each School/Institute in one year. School administrators and Director’s of Research will be notified of the deadline for these applications each year.

The Watt Club Medals

The Watt Club Medal is awarded each year for exceptional distinction in the final honours year and as such recognises the highest achievement possible in undergraduate studies. No more than one medal can be awarded in each distinct discipline offered by a School. Medals are presented during graduation ceremonies.

University prizes

University Prizes are awarded for outstanding merit. All undergraduate students in all Schools are eligible with the exception of final year honours students. Awards are restricted to one per year of study among the total programmes offered by a discipline within a School. Joint degree programmes and the general degree of BSc are regarded as separate programmes with prizes available up to and including the third year.

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