Student stories

A second year undergraduate student tells us about their experience of accessing the Thinking of Leaving Service:

What were your reasons for thinking about leaving University?

I was thinking about leaving university only as a last resort, because I was feeling very unhappy with the degree, or more specifically the combination of courses I was studying. All I knew when I came to talk to the Thinking of Leaving service was that if I could do nothing else I'd rather leave university altogether than continue my programme of study. Thankfully I was able to change my course options.

How did the Thinking of Leaving service help you?

The Thinking of Leaving service helped me understand all the different options that were open to me, including what would actually happen if I were to leave university. Not only did they explain what steps could be taken to make changes to my course of study, they also explained what sort of qualifications I'd be leaving university with, which greatly alleviated my fears of having wasted two years of my life.

Did you access any other support through the University?

I also sought out the counselling service. They were the ones who pointed me towards Thinking of Leaving in the first place and I'd greatly recommend them for any sort of concern you have about your life, be it personal or academic.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking of leaving?

My advice for students who are thinking of leaving is to really make use of all the great support options we have at Heriot-Watt. Talk to your Personal Tutor, talk to your lecturers, talk to the counsellors and definitely talk to the Thinking of Leaving service and be open to what they have to tell you. Maybe there's an option within the university for you, just as there was for me. Either way you'll be glad to have explored all available options!