Accommodation advice

If you are thinking about leaving the University, here's what you need to know about withdrawing from your accommodation.

On Campus Accommodation – Halls of Residence

UK Campus

If you are thinking about leaving Heriot-Watt University, we wish to support you.

Trouble settling in

Edinburgh campus

If you are not setting into your accommodation our Res Life team is made up of staff and resident student wardens who can relate to the issues that you may be experiencing. They arrange events so that students can meet others and are also on hand to assist with other issues that you may be having. Please contact them by emailing and they will be able to support you. 

Borders campus

There is a range of support available at the Scottish Borders Campus, you can contact the Accommodation Office to discuss, in confidence, any settling in issues you may be experiencing, . The Student Wellbeing Advisor hosts weekly drop in sessions at SBC, and you can also contact the Student Union to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your accommodation, .


Our Wellbeing Team work with lots of different students with any difficulties they may be experiencing from thinking of leaving the University to student counselling. Please see the Student Wellbeing Services pages.

Medical Issues

Please speak with our Wellbeing team who may be able to support you. If you wish to be considered for released from your contract on medical grounds, supporting evidence is required and this will be forwarded to the relevant department for consideration. Please send this to


If you are having trouble paying for your accommodation, please raise an enquiry via the Student Portal. You will also be able to apply for the hardship fund. Please see the information on how to apply for this.

Temporary Suspension of Study/ withdrawal from the University

If you are taking a temporary suspension of studies, please forward a copy of the letter from your school of study confirming your TSS/Withdrawal to

Dubai Campus

If you are studying in Dubai, there will be no refund for early departure from the accommodation for any reason, unless individual has not been eligible to become a student of the University, for example, if a visa has been rejected. Any questions should be directed to

Malaysia Campus

If you are thinking about leaving Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Campus and currently staying in our Student Accommodation and wishing to exit your contract, there are number of stages to this process.

First, you have to fulfill six months compulsory stay with additional two months' notice in order for you to be eligible to exit your contract. Then, you must complete an “Early Termination Request” form, which can be collected from the Student Accommodation Office in Student Support Services (SSS). After submission, you will received a notification from Accommodation Office on your check out date. Your student account will be updated within two weeks and you will receive a credit memo for your final quarter rental.

Prior to check out from the Student Accommodation, you have to submit the “Refund Request” form in order for HWUM's Finance to refund your accommodation deposit (if any). Refund request may take up to 4-8 weeks to process.

This information applies to Malaysia campus accommodation students. For further information about leaving the Student Accommodation, please e-mail or make an appointment to come in and speak with us.

Private Rented Accommodation/ Student Housing Provider

If you are living in private rented accommodation through a landlord/letting agent or through a Student Housing Provider (i.e. IQ, CRM, etc.) and wish to leave this accommodation you must speak directly with the owner/ agent/ manager of this accommodation, as each housing provider operates in a different way.

For all of the above types of accommodation, you have signed a contract and can legally be held to this contract, so you must read the terms and conditions. 

If you have paid a deposit, your money should be held within the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. You cannot request this back until you have vacated the property.

The Citizens Advice bureau will be able to provide additional help and support.

Key information

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