What if other issues affected my performance?

If you have found that personal issues have been stopping you from studying effectively than you may find it useful to talk to the Counselling Service. If you think you may have a previously undisclosed or unknown disability, you can seek advice from the Disability Service located in Student Support and Accommodation. You can contact the Disability Service by e-mailing disability@hw.ac.uk and they will direct your query to the correct campus.

Mitigating circumstances

There are circumstances which, through no fault of your own, mean that an assessment (exam or other assessment) has not accurately measured your ability and your results are not an accurate representation of your expected level of performance. These circumstances are described as ‘mitigating circumstances'. You can submit an application to have mitigating circumstances taken into account, however, please make sure you do this within five days of the event under consideration or at least five days after the end of the exam diet. More information about mitigating circumstances is available.

Academic appeals

An academic appeal is a formal request by a student for the review of a decision made by the University on the student's progression, assessment or academic award. There are valid and invalid grounds for an appeal. Appeals made on the basis of academic judgment (for example, thinking that your work deserves a higher grade) or not being aware of published procedures are not grounds for an appeal. If you are thinking of making an appeal you are advised to check you have valid reasons and to seek advice:

The Student Union Advice Hub

The Advice Hub can offer independent advice on submitting an academic appeal.

Thinking of leaving

Many students think about leaving university at some stage during their studies. If anything is bothering you or you are thinking about leaving, you can come along to a drop-in to speak to a member of support staff. There may be other options available to you such as additional help, a temporary suspension of studies or transferring to another course. We can help ensure that you have all the information and support you need to make the decision that is right for you. Remember, we are here to help. You can make an appointment or ask any questions you may have by emailing thinkingofleaving@hw.ac.uk.