How can I prepare for reassessments?

Personal Tutor

If you did not pass all of your exams or you have any queries about your results, then it is very important that you contact your personal tutor who can provide you with guidance on your next steps. Your personal tutor will be able to offer advice on how to obtain detailed feedback and suggest sources of support. Take note of any feedback.

Teaching staff

If you have any course specific queries in preparing for your resits, please contact your lecturer. If you are unable to get in touch with them, then you should seek further guidance from your School Office.

Developing your academic skills

Are there academic skills you need to develop which you are having problems with e.g. academic writing and referencing? Other skills too are useful to develop such as time management and revision techniques. See the Academic Study Skills pages for more details.

Subject librarians

You can also contact your Subject Librarian for advice on research and resources and access a range of electronic resources Details of opening times for the Library can be found at here.


Make sure you check Canvas for useful material for your reassessments.

Useful web resources
Skills Hub

Skills Hub workshops cover a range of academic skills and study advice. It is worth looking at the workshop programme and booking up for any session that you think might be useful to you. If you are worried about reassessments (or assessments in general) the workshops How to Manage Exam Stress, How to Stop Putting Things Off and the Exam Survival Guide may be of particular interest to you.

Learn From The Re-assessment Experience

Use any reassessment as an opportunity to develop your subject knowledge and develop your academic skills. It is also an opportunity to try more effective ways of revising and studying. Passing your resit will put you on a firmer footing for the next stage of your studies.