Approval procedures

Assessment changes made during COVID and updating GCM

Background: In accordance with the University’s adapted approvals procedures which was introduced in March 2020 in response to the pandemic, Schools have been able to set their own internal approvals for assessment changes in this period, including via any specified School committees/groups. 

Formalising assessment changes and updating GCM: At the Learning and Teaching Academic Year Group meeting on the 9th February 2022, the following was approved;

  1. Where “COVID Assessment Changes” have already been approved by a School as permanent changes, GCM should be updated prior to the start of AY2022/23;
  2. Where assessment changes are still temporary or the process of reviewing/redesigning assessment is still in progress, then changes should be finalised and updated on GCM prior to the start of AY 2023/24.

For further information please read the Formalising assessment changes and updating GCM paper.


University Approval Process

The University approval process for approving new disciplines and programmes, and major modifications to programmes comprises of the following:

Schools have the authority to approve new and modified courses as well as minor modifications to programmes.

Section 1: Approval procedures

Please read the appropriate sections in Guidelines on the Approval of Disciplines, Programmes and Courses before submitting proposals to the Studies Committee or to School Committees.

Section 2: Global Curriculum Management information and guidance

Advise and guidance on the Global Curriculum Management system (GCM) is available on Academic Quality's, CMAT SharePoint site.

For further advise and guidance on GCM you can contact the Curriculum Management and Approval Team (CMAT) directly at

Section 3: Curriculum structure

A series of guidance notes are available to assist Schools in the process of designing programmes to incorporate the key requirements of RAY:

  • Graduate and Postgraduate Taught Curriculum Structure Guidelines
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Structure Guidelines
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment Toolkits

Although RAY was implemented in session 2008/09, all new disciplines and programmes must incorporate the core academic objectives of RAY.

All guidelines are available from the Curriculum Structure Guidelines and Toolkits (internal only).

Key information

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