Sebastiano Giardinella

Having a background in the non-renewables sector, I wanted to pursue a Master's Degree in renewable energy, but could not leave the engineering company I started in Latin America.

I chose MSc RED (distance learning) because it offered the best value for: programme content, flexibility, staff, University ranking, and also combined the experience gained in one of the most important renewable energy sites in the world.

After completing the programme, I know I made the right choice: the course materials were clear and compiled a vast array of literature, project data and practical examples; the Blackboard Academic Suite and e-library allowed to download additional information in a convenient manner; the staff was very helpful; the exams were adequate and could be scheduled in different countries, allowing me to match them with my business trips. The knowledge and abilities gained in MSc RED have allowed me to participate in projects that I would not have taken in the past, and to consider a wider scope of alternatives, such as integrating renewable energy into oil production.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master's Degree in renewable energy, but cannot leave work or travel abroad, then I strongly recommend the MSc RED distance learning programme.