Leanne Matthews

Heriot-Watt prepares you for a successful career in the construction profession as there is a strong emphasis on management, as well as the technical aspects that you will need for the job. Even after eight years I still find links with what I did on my programme and what I'm doing today.

I am currently responsible for the co-ordination and management of a range of construction projects, my role focuses on costs and ensuring that budgets are managed efficiently. I work on a diverse range of projects in terms of size and the skills required, from school building programmes in the Borders to a new visitor centre in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

So far a highlight of my career has been the chance to work in North Africa, somewhere I would never have thought of visiting if it hadn't been through work. I've really enjoyed gaining an insight and understanding of an overseas construction market. The difference there is that they are almost at the beginning of their industry and it's really interesting to see how it will develop. To have the opportunity to utilise my skills and knowledge to help this process is fantastic.