Keith Serre

Keith graduated from the MSc in Safety, Risk & Reliability Engineering programme in 2014. He now works as a Process Safety Engineering Lead at Nexen in Calgary.

Why did you decide to come to Heriot-Watt over other places offering similar courses?

I chose Heriot-Watt because of great feedback I had received from colleagues who had taken the program in the past. Unlike other programs, Heriot-Watt's Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering programme isn't focused solely on the oil and gas industry; rather it draws from multiple industries to provide a diverse learning experience.

Do you feel your degree has prepared you well for a career?

I already had a successful career prior to obtaining my degree but the material I've learnt has helped me increase my technical knowledge and opened up opportunities to advance my career.

Has your degree programme helped you develop links with industry?

Yes it has. During the course of my programme I met several people in the industry who I spoke with on a regular basis and continue to keep in contact with.

What was the teaching support like?

Without exception the support I received from every professor was incredible. I always felt comfortable asking questions either directly to professors or on the message boards and always received timely responses.

What advice would you give to a postgraduate student considering embarking on their studies at Heriot-Watt?

The faculty and programmes at Heriot-Watt are second to none. The support you receive and material you learn will provide an environment that will progress anyone's career.

Without exception the support I received from every professor was incredible.