Kate Walker

Choosing to do my masters degree at ICIT is one of the best decisions I have ever made, not only is Orkney a fantastic place to live but the Old Academy gives you all the facilities that you would want from a university, with the added bonus of all being under the same roof. And I think it would be hard to find a University with a better view from its classroom windows! The course can be intensive but I think that is good as it pushes you to work hard and get the most out of the course material.

One of the best things about Orkney is that you very quickly feel part of the community and that you have lived here all your life. There is so much to see and do with various music festivals throughout the year and as much historic culture that anyone could ever ask for. The nightlife in Orkney is good fun and you very quickly fall into a routine of doing the "rounds" of all of the pubs in Stromness. My fellow class mates and I were a regular feature in the pubs and had some amazing times playing pool and finding random songs to play on the jukebox.

I am still living and working in Orkney, I got my job working with Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd when I was writing my dissertation and have now been employed full time as a shellfish co-ordinator. I collect data on the fishery which is used by the Scottish Government in their assessment of fish stocks and I also run the local lobster hatchery which raises juvenile lobsters from egg to a size that we can put them back in the sea, enhancing the population.

I am still working closely with ICIT and have had the opportunity to work with EMEC on a project. My time studying at ICIT gave me the opportunities to meet people and become involved in the fishing industry.