Hermione Wood

After having lived in Edinburgh for five years coming to study in Orkney was a huge change, but for the better! Heriot-Watt Orkney Campus is unique in its integration with industry. While studying here I got to talk to many people from local and international renewable businesses and find out up to date information on the marine renewables sector, which people studying elsewhere would not have a chance to find out. Looking out of the Campus windows you can see renewable energy devices being towed between port and test sites, so even looking out of a window day dreaming can turn into an educational experience!

Orkney is great place to study and to live. There is so much to do and see in such a small geographical area. There is a wide variety of local sports and recreational clubs so whether it is hockey or knitting you enjoy there is something for everyone to enjoy. Being here throughout the year as well means that some of the archaeological tourist sites open for free/reduced rates in the winter and they are quiet too! I saw the aurora borealis for the first time whilst studying here purely by chance which was amazing.

I secured a job whilst working on my dissertation and started immediately after handing in my dissertation. I wouldn't have secured a job this quickly without the connections I made here whilst studying. I am looking forward to continuing my life on Orkney employing my marine renewables knowledge into a working environment.