Hannah Beattie

What did you do prior to starting at Heriot-Watt?

3 year BSc in Geology at Manchester University straight from A-levels. Summer internship at BP immediately prior to beginning the MSc course.

What have you done since graduating from Heriot-Watt?

During my MSc year I was offered a position on the graduate program at BP. Following the completion of my MSc thesis at BP I spent one more month with the company helping finish some project work. I then took 3 months off, travelling around Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Morocco. I have been in my full-time role with BP since January 2011.

What made you choose your course?

It offered what appeared to be a more integrated course when compared to other more straight forward Petroleum Geoscience masters. I was particularly attracted to the formation evaluation and petroleum systems analysis aspects of the course.

What has been the most useful or enjoyable aspect of your course?

The formation evaluation course, though condensed and extremely over subscribed, was excellent. The course highlight for me was the nature of the informal teachings of Paul Binns – it was our first real insight into the petroleum world with a veteran of the industry. Fab stories.

What do or did you enjoy the most about living in Edinburgh?

Beautiful city, good nightlife, sociable.

The course provided me with the right piece of paper to get the job I wanted.