Eleanor Ridley

What did you do prior to starting at Heriot-Watt?

I completed my BSc in Geology & Petroleum Geology at the University of Aberdeen. I also worked part-time at a small oil company: Challenger Minerals (a subsidiary of Transocean) during the final two years of my undergraduate degree.

What have you done since graduating from Heriot-Watt?

After three months of job searching, I joined Challenge Energy as a Geoscientist. Challenge Energy is a small oil and gas consultancy based in Guildford, England.

What has been the most useful or enjoyable aspect of your course?

The field trips were really enjoyable. Another bonus has been the continued contacts and good friends now in the industry. The most useful parts were the subjects covered, but also the use of up-to-date software, which is extremely useful for a career in the industry.

How has the course helped your career and professional development?

The course qualification enabled me to enter the competition with all the other graduates in the oil and gas industry. Without an MSc it is very difficult to even be in the running, and it is highly unlikely to be successful at job applications without it. The course material provided has also been fantastic for referencing whilst at work.

The department staff were always very welcoming and supportive if ever you needed help – even if it was on a Sunday!