Camilla Staunton

Speaking from a previous financial background my Orkney experience has been “The highest risk with the greatest rewards!”

While studying my MSc in RED myself and 4 other students set up a company which can be viewed at

The business changed somewhat and the initial team has dispersed to various places around the globe. I now have an office in Stromness with 8 turbines up and operational by next month. Currently I am also working on a feasibility to encourage electric car transportation in Orkney via a private car hire scheme. The opportunity and learning facilities offered at Orkney campus are completely unique. The lecturers have been encouraging both in learning and entrepreneurialism. This has been highlighted by the amount of renewable companies that have been set up and are running profitably on the island today.

The hands on experience with both the developers and devices have meant that we became part of the renewable world from island touchdown. Orkney really is the epicenter of the renewable world, an enchanting place to live, and a first class educational facility. I would and do encourage anyone to come here, it is an experience that you could never regret.