Andrew MacLennan

Andrew graduated from the MSc Structural and Foundation Engineering programme in 2013 and now works as a Trainee Structural Engineer for Saipem in London.

Can you tell us about your current job?

I just started working as a Trainee Structural Engineer which initially involves an intensive 9 month training course. This will give me the opportunity to become familiar with the work that I will be carrying out. Saipem are involved in the Oil and Gas sector and this is the area that I will be working in. I will be involved in the design and installation of various components and will have the opportunity to work offshore for periods also.

What was your experience of doing a postgraduate degree at Heriot-Watt University?

I have greatly enjoyed studying for the Postgraduate degree at Heriot-Watt University. The classes are all very interesting and challenging which has meant that you are constantly learning and pushing yourself. The lecturers have also all been very helpful and welcome questions that you might have on any material. I think that the course has been well thought out to give the best possible Postgraduate experience.

Do you think your Heriot-Watt postgraduate experience gave you an edge in your chosen field and why?

I definitely feel that studying at Heriot-Watt gave me an edge when I was being considered for jobs. The University has very strong links to industry and this is something that is recognised by companies. Heriot-Watt also has a very good reputation and particularly so in the engineering disciplines so the course is very well thought of.

What advice would you give to a postgraduate student considering embarking on their journey of a lifetime at Heriot-Watt?

I would encourage any postgraduate student considering studying at Heriot-Watt to research all of the possible courses that are available to study and consider what line they really want to work in. I would definitely recommend speaking to the course leaders to get a good idea of what will be involved and also if it was possible to speak to current or previous students that would be really beneficial. That way you can make a decision on exactly the course that you want to study and will know what is involved. I would highly recommend studying at Heriot-Watt to anybody as it has been the best decision I have made to study here and one which will shape my career.