Andrew Lauder

Coming from Glasgow, Orkney definitely was a change in scenery. After deciding I wanted to get into the renewable industry, I could see the RED MSc was one of the best out there. So I took the plunge and moved to Orkney which admittedly was a bit of a scary thought.

As soon as I stepped off of the ferry however I loved every minute of being on that island. The course itself was terrific and the people even better. The ICIT is unlike any other learning experience I have encountered and undoubtedly the best.

The RED course certainly helped to prepare and fast track me into a good position within the industry. I am currently working for a small renewable energy company which is involved in most of the major technologies as a consultant.

My short stint in Orkney has not only given me a great qualification and contacts, more importantly it has given me lifelong friends. My advice is to just enjoy every minute of it and take in as much of the island life as you can.