Novel MCF functional components for optical communication and sensing applications

Currently, the capacity of single mode fibre (SMF) has reached its limit. Spatial Division Multiplexing (SDM) is recognised as the key technology to enable future ultra-high capacity optical communication. Multi-core-fibre (MCF) has been developed and demonstrated to implement high capacity SDM transmission. Moreover, MCF has also been applied for sensing applications. However, MCF is currently only used as a transmission medium and the signals have to be coupled in/out the MCF to perform signal processing functions, this is the main issue of MCF-based SDM systems.  This project aims to develop novel functional components based on MCF to perform in-line signal processing on SDM signals in each core of the MCF. The research involves both theoretical and experimental investigations. The project will develop modelling tools, design and analysis MCF based components, develop fabrication techniques using laser inscription technology and demonstrate the applications of these functional components in optical communication network and sensing systems. The student has the opportunity to carry out experiments in a world leading telecommunication labs in Japan and UK.  We will consider student with good undergraduate Physics or Electronic Engineering backgrounds, or related disciplines. Studentship is available for UK and EU citizens. The studentship will cover all tuition fees and offer an enhanced stipend for a full four years. Self-funded students from other countries are also welcome to apply. 

Please send inquiry emails to Dr Xu Wang at