PhD by research

We place a very high value on enabling people to obtain a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Degree by Research. This means that you will work Full Time in a research group for 3 - 4 years. You will be performing high value and fundamental research in either pure science or applied science and engineering. You will be working under the supervision of an expert Academic Supervisor and also be learning practical research and laboratory skills from other senior members of the research group (such as Post Doctoral research workers). In addition to your time spent doing research project work, you will also engage with the scientific literature and will also participate in research group discussions, meetings and external conferences. Finally, you will spend at least 6 months writing up your research into your final PhD Thesis - this part can be an education in itself. Once the thesis has been written up you will be examined in a PhD Viva where an external academic will examine your work and you will also have the valued support of an internal examiner from your own department.

After graduating you will either enter the world of academia or you will be sought out by industry who require highly skilled, creative and innovative scientific research workers.

We hope you will explore the information about opportunities for PhD projects,  fees and funding and how to apply to obtain a PhD by Research.