Filming light at a trillion frames per second

Recent developments in optical technologies have enabled a wide range of novel and quantum technologies that are gradually making their way towards the market. At the same time, they have brought a revival in the interest for certain very fundamental aspects of optics, quantum optics and single or few photon physics. This project aims at developing a new and emerging technology, single-photon sensitive SPAD array cameras, that will allow us to observe the world in a fundamental and new way. Using these cameras, developed at Edinburgh University in collaboration with ST Microelectronics, we can make movies at an incredible frame rate of 20 billion frames per second. Each frame therefore has a temporal resolution of just 50 ps and is short enough to capture even the movement of light itself. Combined with the sensitivity of these cameras to single photons, new opportunities emerge ranging from fundamental studies on the nature of light propagation to seeing behind corners or even directly through walls. We will be investigating these possibilities together with novel developments in the field of computational imaging that will allow us to push the temporal resolution of the camera even further with the final goal of reaching 1 trillion frames per second.

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